Friday, 6 July 2012

Small show, doggies & knitting

A small show....

I've been very kindly offered a small gallery space upstairs at Open Drawer until the end of the month. I have just dropped a selection of work off to the ladies so it being hung over the weekend. It's a small show with some of the Pleatybunny menagerie that will be happily residing upstairs - pop by & see them. There are doggies, bunnies, song birds and parrots galore! (see pics below of some of the work)

Open Drawer
1158 Toorak Road,
Camberwell (Hartwell Village) 3124
(Mel. Ref 60 C6)
Tram No 75 - Stop No. 52

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 5.00pm
Thursday 10am – 7pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm
"The Siblings"
"Beauregard" the Frenchie &"Pinto" the chihuahua 
Some mad parrots
"Cicely" who has a penchant for Champagne & "Roxie"

Of doggies.... 

I am very fond of the friends of the fluffy four legged variety so artist's who deal with this subject matter are very close to my heart. My former printmaking lecturer Deb Williams has recently been interviewed for the series "Inside Art" on Channel 31 Wednesdays 8.30pm. 
Below is the link talking about the dog as muse. 

Check out Deb's Website as there is some really beautiful work in the galleries
Rather chuffed as Mini the Wonder dog's excellent snout makes a (small) apppearance in the clip... yes, I am a proud & tragic stage mother. I had taken Mini over to Deb's studio for a  snout session as Deb was looking for dogs with interesting noses for a series of prints. Mini has a particularly noble nose.....
Mini's snout in the bottom right hand corner! Work pictured is by Deb Williams and image is from a screen capture from Inside Art 

Left:Deb in her studio Right: Mini in Deb's studio walking around like she owned the place 

Of Knitting.....

The lovely people at Australian Country Spinners have free knitting patterns!! There is a great selection at online that are based on their archived vintage 80's patterns - I am particularly fond of the bobble knit cardigan! Patterns can be downloaded here

If the thought of a whole garment is too scary; you're looking for a little project or you're a novice knitter and want some practice have a look at Knitting for Dog Rescue Groups

Chantal and her mother Pierrette are two lovely ladies who are behind this not for profit group. They knit and also coordinate volunteers to knit doggie jumpers to give to Australian Dog Rescue groups for their old, sick and hairless dogs. They can be contacted via their facebook page or else via email on if you are able to help in anyway!

Chantal is super talented she makes amazing and intricate leather guitar and bass straps. As well as working in the film industry look at the film & costume gallery as you will definitely recognize much of her work!!! (all I can say is AWESOME!!)

Check out Chantal's Website here:
Left: Chantal hard at work in her studio Right: one of Chantal's beautiful leather guitar straps
Images from Chantal Cordy's website

love Miss Foo XXX

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