Saturday, 1 December 2012

World Aids day & Toy to the world!! Beware the bear!!

Today is world AIDS day & I thought it would be timely to mention a project I am involved in.

I am decorating a 15-inch vinyl bear! YAY! Which is part of  a campaign named  "Toy to the World".

My blank bear has been sitting by the telly all white and naked in its vinyl glory. I am working through some ideas on how to decorate this little darling I think it will involve glitter, sequins & pleated paper...
my currently very naked bear...
There was an artist day on 17th of November at Section 8 where artist were doing live workshops & painting demos. Was I a bit miffed I will not be able to be there for that one :( but after all a large family event is taking place that day to I can't beg off to paint toys and drink beer! Have a look at the pics of the launch from their Facebook page

The event is being run by the dynamos at Pencil Neck Productions and it is the 2nd year of the this event. Monies raised are going to the Aids Council of Victoria and funds go towards projects like HIV prevention, treatment, research and education .

During the Midsumma festival here will be an exhibition of the bears in early January culminating a silent auction which will run during the duration of the show. I've taken part in charity auctions like this before & I have to admit I do get a bit competitive when it comes to the funds that my work raises!! Ok I admit it I am competitive but it's for a good cause so there!! 

Also to help fund the project they are crowd sourcing funds via Pozible so get in before the 22nd of December to show your support!! 

Stay tuned for pics of my bear!

Love Miss Foo XXX

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