Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"A sailor stole my heart" and other happenings!

2012 was a  pretty awesome year for Pleatybunny, myself creatively and just in general! 2013 has lots to live up to but based on what's happening and what's about to happen it is going the right way.
My big hairy bear for Men with Beards at OTK
I have been a bit slack on the blog front, sadly I have not been lazing around on the couch with a fluffy snoring dog at my feet eating toasted cheese sandwiches & drinking cups of tea whilst watching trashy TV. Ahhh I can only dream.

Firstly Pleatybunny by Miss Foo turned a year old! It's been year since I started Pleatybunny & also started working on my art practice. It's been an awesome year full of fun & loads of different projects, meeting new people, learning lots & making things!
"The flutter from my mind" from the Linden Postcard show
"An over abundance of style" from "a piece of Cloth at Gleaners inc.

I've had a pretty action packed first quarter of the year. Creatively it's been amazing as I have been in involved with a couple of group shows: the Toy to the World Show, the Linden Postcard show, "a Piece of Cloth' part of LMFF at Gleaners Inc. and an up-coming show at Off the Kerb gallery titled Men with Beards.
Flyer for Men with Beards

Aside from this I also ran away overseas to India & Nepal - two places I will definitely be going back to. Inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking are three words that spring to mind about my visit. All this whilst committing to two solo shows! Yes I never learn but as I always say there is nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get those creative juices flowing. 

The first was "Dedicated Followers OF fashion" which was part of the LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival) Cultural program.

I was a show born out of my I love well dressed people, I'm not talking models the brand obsessed but people with an actual sense of personal style. Fashion design is so homogeneous,  it is looking all very same same. That is why when I see a "rare bird" I get really excited! I'm kind of like a nerdy style twitcher.

Inspiration can come in some many forms however my favorite are the true fashion eccentrics - the women I look at & say when I grow up I want to be like that! I have a list of these fabulous ladies that I am obsessed with that if i ever get stuck i just look at these fabulous ladies and I am filled with joy and utterly inspired all over again!

My list of ladies in no particular order & by no means is this a complete list

  • Diana Vreeland
  • Nan Kempler
  • Anna Piaggi
  • Isabella Blow
  • Iris Apfel
  • IIIona Star
  • Daphne Guinness
  • Polly Mellen
  • Marchesa Casati
  • Vivenne Westwood
  • Lynn Yaeger
  • Edith Sitwell
  • Little Edie Bouvier
  • Dolly Parton
  • Barbara Cartland
  • Zandra Rhodes

I was once told that how you dress in your 40's is how you dress for the rest of your life, I am working up to being over accessorized, too much makeup and big hair.... oh I can dream!
The shop was based on all these influences and to quote my blurb in the program; "A motley crew of fashion animals has taken over the retail space of Quirk & Co in North Melbourne to pose and preen. They are fabulous some bodies with coiffed dos and immaculate grooming who have donned their best outfits for LMFF.

These fashionable beasts will be in residence in the store over the festival, with there own take on sartorial style. Dedicated followers of Fashion pays homage to the fashion’s style mavericks and fashion eccentrics who embrace fashion and dressing up. These are enigmatic style icons, who flout the rules of conventional fashion and are indeed rare beasts."
The show was hosted by Quirk & Co. a fabulous design store in North Melbourne. The exhibition was supposed to run from 8-31 March. However the beasts have made themselves utterly at home in the store and are refusing to come home so if you get a chance you can duck by & still catch them in store for the next 2 weeks.

Quirk & Co. 
466 Victoria Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm
Sunday: noon - 4pm

Mini the wonder dog being a fabulous beast

Lastly "phew" I got myself involved with Art in Public Places is a city wide event that exhibits the artwork of western region artists in various venues across Hobsons Bay. The program links the community, local businesses, and Hobsons Bay’s vibrant arts scene, and provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work to an audience who may not otherwise see it.

I just scraped in with my expression of interest as I got my proposal in at the eleventh hour,nothing like a deadline to kick my bum in gear. A recurring theme in my life,possibly yes?

I got matched up with fabulous retail space called Artifice Store, located in the historic Customs Wharf Galleria - which as a building that was sitting idel for many years, it has been turned in to a retail space with stores in it's many rooms, it's a work in progress but a very excitign retail space. It's a galleria set ups to there are a couple of businesses with in the building to you can have a wander and explore... nice, if like me you like to have a sticky beak.

I will also be holding an exhibition in store over the month of April as part of the Hobsons Bay city council's "Art in public places" program. My solo show is titled "a Sailor stole my heart" and will be housed in ‘The Backroom’ of Artifice store located in the historic Customs Wharf Galleria. The exhibition explores themes of long journeys, love, longing, waves, and salty sea air. It's mix of sculptural and illustrative work highlights the nautical past of the bay, and the relationship of the sea, docks and waterways to the communities’ identity.  The show runs all month & opening night is tonight from 6-8pm otherwise please see below for shop details.
Artifice store 
located in Customs Wharf Galleria 126 Nelson Parade. 
Enter via the nautical shop - we are in the back right hand side of the building. 
A bit like the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe only more salty!
Monday 11am -4pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday to Sunday 11am-4pm
Officially that is the short version of what this bunny has been up to in the studio!
Love Miss Foo XXX


  1. Miss Foo! :) is the exhibition still going on?? I want to go this weekend! Are you there :)??

  2. Hi!
    the show is on until the 5th of May the store hours are listed in the post. sorry won't be there but let me know what you think x