Friday, 28 August 2015

Spring has sprung...

Sculptures byt Sai-Wai Foo Pleatybunny by Miss FOO
New sculptures by Sai-Wai Foo 
Spring heralds the return of my personality, over Winter months I turn into a grey lump of misery. I'm not made for wintery conditions, it's genetic programming I am much happier in tropical climates. Even more so if I'm on a hammock with someone bring me food, but I digress. 
Spring also heralds a new project, I'm taking part in Craft's Window Walk. The Window Walk is a new addition to the Craft Cubed Festival. It is a collaboration between 17 venues and makers to present window displays and is an extension of Craft’s very coveted Window Space 24/7 at Craft's HQ. The program self-guided tour of the city, and the venues are vary from stores in laneways, studios as well as more prominent locations. The bulk of the walk is localised in Flinders Lane precinct. 
Craft's Window Walk Map, I'm location 13!
Il Papiro Melbourne are my very lovely hosts, I was super chuffed to be allocated this beautiful store the backdrop for my paper sculptures. It's a little piece of Italy in Degraves Street, purveyors of high quality handmade and block printed papers, leather bound journals, boxes, nibs, inks and all manner of goodies that line the walls of this delightful store. 

"Feast of Spring" is a collection of mixed media and pleated paper works that celebrate the new season in a flurry pleated papers, pins, botanical illustrations and tarnished silverware. In this selection of sculptures I've included some new works. Some of which include the beautiful hand block printed papers that are sold made the talented artisans at Il Papiro in Florence

Sculptures byt Sai-Wai Foo Pleatybunny by Miss FOO
A small sculpture upon a marbled
"Feast of Spring" is on display 1-21 September 2015 More here and the installation on display 24 hours

Il Papiro 
Melbourne, Victoria

Contact details
Phone: 9654 0955

Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm

So pick a Spring day, go exploring and Enjoy!
Love Miss FOO xxx

Sculptures byt Sai-Wai Foo Pleatybunny by Miss FOO
A view of some of the works 

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