Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pleatybunny by Miss FOO the blog... it's cheaper than therapy

I have started a blog, well really it's to shamelessly self promote and another forum to unleash myself upon...help me I hear you mutter into your cup of tea! Besides it is cheaper than therapy.

So I have recently started making things again after a hiatus born of full time work and the general malaise of  procrastination. 
Intentions are often good however when reality its you are just to drained at the end of the day to pick up a pencil & draw. Also I do blame the lure of terrible trash television... It was a case of now or never so Pleatybunny by Miss FOO was born!  

Stay tuned Love Miss Foo xxx

Pug & Bunny love - currently available at Quirk & co. in North Melbourne

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  1. Well done — nice blog. I await further posts.