Thursday, 29 March 2012

New stockist CURIOUS GRACE

New stock has gone in to Curious Grace a lovely little place in Seddon!
It carries a mix of furniture, books, home wares, jewellery & gifts. It's owned by Anna who is very supportive of local talent & is generally a pretty awesome chick!

So yes it is in keeping with my policy of places that are run by nice people, after all it would be remiss of me to let the fluffy & feathered ones just go anywhere to live.
They have invaded and are causing havoc in the store!
Shop 3, 107 Victoria Street
Seddon, Victoria 3011

& you can stalk them too on Facebook

a bunny hanging out with the wildlife

Looking good required time & effort

Poppy never behaved herself

Dee Dee was very stylish

Song birds being watched over
 by an AWESOME paper robot

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  1. Good on you Miss Foo, bout time you had a voice! now fly birdie fly!!!