Monday, 2 April 2012

To Market to Markit!

I have secured a stall for Markit at Fed Square on Sunday the 27th of May  10am–5pm  The Atrium & BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square Melbourne. Excited but kind of terrified at the same time as I have never done a market with my work before.  

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I am in overdrive thinking about what needs to be done & just how I am going to stock the stall & the merchandising is a big priority. I may not be for nearly 2 months but I operate on a high level on neuroses and considering the way this year seems have flown by it will be here before I know it.

I love a good market, especial trash & treasure ones, having a sticky beak at the detritus of peoples lives, it satisfies the voyeur in me. Also the promise of a bargain, the thrill of finding a must have item... one you probably don't really need but then again maybe you just didn't really know you needed it until you actually laid eyes on it? 
Now you have bought said item, you now wonder how you are going to 
A. carry it around the market 
B. fit said item in your car & get it home... 
am I the only one that has this problem? I have a tendency to overestimate the holding capacity of my car. I am still in denial that my current car does not have the sheer Tardis like qualities of my old faithful Starlet which once managed to get 2 of us plus what was equal to 2 carloads of stuff, fresh baked muffins & a thermos of tea to the Camberwell market.


The Tardis (yes I am a geek) & Piglet my old car ...

Anyway I managed to find some goods that i can give an overhaul too to use for my stand. the next 2 months for me will be filled with cutting, folding, gluing, sanding & painting! YAY! 

Stay tuned for more pre-MARKIT preparation chaos which is likely to ensue....

Love Miss Foo XXX

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