Monday, 21 May 2012

Crazy anxiety dreams, markets & autumn sunshine

So I have been a busy bunny leading up to my debut at a market. Yes I have been harping on about this for awhile as my facebook posts will attest I operate on a very high level of neurosis! At this stage the anxiety dreams are kicking in, the most disturbing has been the dream involving a massive multi-level stand, stock that was not mine and a runaway cash box and EFT machine..... best not to ask! 
I have not updated the blog in a while but have a look at my facebook page as I have added new pics & a gallery of goodies for Markit!
Mini the wonder dog on her nanna knits sleeping - at least someone is!
Markit is on Sunday - yes this Sunday & I am faffing on facebook and the blog... when I have price lists, price stickers, framing and other bits to do. Come visit it runs from 10am to 5pm in the Atrium of Fed Square I will be on stall 16B - close to the NGV book store.
Markit it's finally here!!!!

As well as preparing stock for Markit I have not turned into a complete shut in, I have actually been up to other bits & pieces:

I did manage to get to Finders Keepers Market at the end of April for a bit of inspiration and market recon for my stall, some of my work made an appearance at the Gleaners Inc. stand too. The clever kittens at Finders Keepers have a great top 10 tips for markets on their blog which is pretty spanky too and they have lovely features, lots of pretty pictures and great resources for creatives.
Pleatybunny by Miss FOO at the Gleaners Inc. stall at Finders Keepers

  My happy snaps of Finders Keepers Market April 2012 at the exhibition buildings

I have also been featured on the Howl Communications blog in a "5 mins with" interview. Pop by and have a look! 

Also I have been on the hunt for new retailers and have been talking to some really nice people and going to some great stores. And I  also delivered some new goodies to one of my favourite stores Quirk & Co. run by the lovely Kirk (Kirsty) and Nick. If you remember an awesome brand from back in the day called "Kirk couture" this is one of those clever kids! 
Quirk & Co.
466 Victoria Street
North Melborne 
VIC 3051 

03 9329 7057 
Rosettes, neon badges & pom pom sequin pins Pleatybunny by Miss FOO
Pom pom & sequin ruffle necklaces & a song bird Rosettes, neon badges & pom pom sequin pins Pleatybunny by Miss FOO

 Other goodies at Quirk & Co.


And I even got out to see some of the BEAUTIFUL colours in the Dandenong ranges - so pretty- Love autumn especially the gorgeous golden sunshine... You know I love a little bit of gold & razzle dazzle!

Love Miss Foo xxx


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