Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cup of tea and a big lie down

I survived my first market! It was a really fun day and thanks to everyone that dropped by and also to my helpers - a sister and a boyfriend do make excellent slave labour.

From this experience  I have realised a few things:
  • I am not & will never be a morning person especially on a Sunday
  • when it's cold I have a bladder the size of a walnut
  • I really should have though a little harder about wearing a jumpsuit considering the above point
  • drinking the entire contents of the thermos is not going to help with the two aforementioned issues
  • drinking 2 coffees and eating lollipops is going to make me just a little hyper: again the consumption of coffee not helping point 2
  • the manic hyperactivity was not made any better by friends bringing by hot jam donuts covered powdered sugar... you know who you are & you are evil! With teh giggling & sugar high there is the inevitable crash
  • I am terrible at judging the amount my car can fit in it: I admit I have no spacial perception
  • I am becoming increasingly loopy  - this is actually not a newsflash more of a friendly reminder
It was a huge day and I was utterly knackered by the end of it only thing I wanted to do was have a cup of tea & watch Eurovision. I did however  had some lovely Markit neighbours shout out to: from left to right  When you escape  dreamy gorgeousness from Jess Stewart, the gals from LoveHate & Hot Toffee

Great to see some other friends too Douglas & Hope - Cath has an awesome blog http://todayimwearing.blogspot.com.au/ that you should check out too!

bRainbow who made me squeak with delight! Orrr (As in OMG) Dhiravarangkura and Akiko Ikeda creations are SOOOOO FRIKKIN cute it makes my head hurt.

I had lots of visitors & even a few furry ones look at these pic of the puppy love I got on the day. A very beautiful doxie named Molly who I got  a little cuddle from!!

Don't forget if you missed Markit or if you when but got a little overwhelmed  when your were there you can also go to my lovely stockists (Curious Grace, Quirk & Co or Gleaners Inc) Or if you want to order a custom item/commission a piece  you can contact me on pleatybunny@gmail.com or via my facebook page too!  www.facebook.com/pleatybunny 

If you did make a purchase feel free to pop the pics up on the Facebook page I love to know where the critters end up!

 & just some happy snaps of Markit!


Also had some lovely news last week but got a bit caught up in the pre-Markit frenzy. I have been accepted in the "Bloom" section of Magnolia Square Market in September! They have a new spanky venue in Williamstown - so stay tuned! 

love Miss Foo XXX

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