Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fur & Whiskers group show and new work

UPDATE: images of the opening can be viewed at my Facebook page

"The Origin of Fur and Whiskers" is a group show that I am taking part in this month. It's  looking to be a fun show with a mix of diverse work, I had a sneak peek of the show when I dropped off my work over the weekend. 

I'm submitting 2 works for this show the first is a series titled "The animal in you" made up of a group of nine portraits. Unfortunately due to the size of the gallery the full series will not be on display. I was thinking how animals are often used to describe personality traits. There are so many animal based idioms. The full series is made up of a series of a group of 9 using a shadow portrait as a base.

"animal in you series" by Sai-Wai Foo

I quite like the ambiguity of the silhouette, I did find myself imagining the types of people these were once there animal totems had been assigned to them. In there series there is a 'stubborn goat','top dog', 'show pony', 'spring chicken', 'bird brain', 'black sheep', 'curious cat', 'night owl' and a rather 'bull headed' lady.

"A Good Looking bird" by Sai-Wai Foo

The second piece is titled "A good looking bird" again playing on oft used vernacular to describe a good looking woman. The piece is an paper assemblage of an ostrich in a glass and steel housing. She is quite glamourous and fun to make with all her pleats, pearls and sequins, not to mention her lovely long eyelashes! She is housed in a steel & glass container, she kind of reminds me of the witch Mombi in Return to OZ.
Image from Return to Oz (image from
The show opens on 5th of October and is at Off the Kerb gallery founded & run by Shini an old school friend. It's really nice to renew a friendship that goes back to well let's just say quite a few years.  Shini is one half of a very talented set of twins I went to school with. They are both very talented artists in high school however did not pursue their creative careers until graduating from"sensible" degrees!  Shini made the jump to art school her sister Dhini moved to fashion; up until last year had her own label is now head designer for a fashion brand. It's great how both girls ended up in a creative field as I could not imagine either of them being very happy in "sensible" non-creative job!

Pop by the opening!
Love Miss Foo XXX

The Origin of Fur and Whiskers
5th October - 19th October, 2012 (Opening on Friday 5th October 6-9pm)

Opening Hours are Thurs & Fri 12:30pm-6pm, Sat & Sun 12-5pm. Entry is Free.

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