Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot House at Quirk & co - Look.Stop.Shop and other stuff!

It's been pretty busy in Miss Foo's world of late so the blog posts have been sporadic at best. 
I've got a little project that is coming to fruition this week, "hot house" is a group window installation that is being hosted by the lovelies at Quirk & Co. It is mix of lighting sculptures by Nick Johns, a series of lush terrariums by Miniscapes and a large paper sculpture by yours truly! The opening night is Thursday 11th July from 6-8pm & the installation will be up until month end.
It's  part of Look.Stop.Shop the theme this year is "Hot Stuff" and it's being curated by Three Thousand and presented by the City of Melbourne, so check out the link for more details as there are loads of events running through July.

466 Victoria St, North Melbourne
Opening Thu Jul 11, 6–8pm. Installation runs until Jul 26.
How much

 Detail shots of my sculpture
PS have another coming up project with the City of Melbourne during MSFW, it will be titled "beasts in the wardrobe" at the end of August. It's being hosted by Madame Virtue ... can't wait to get my paws on all their couture archives and the delicious accessories! YAY dress ups! (but more on that in another post!)

I managed to catch the Hollywood costume exhibition at ACMI I was super excited as I am a costume and film buff. As always with any textile based show the lighting levels are low to protect the fabrics, so give your eyes time to adjust. I would suggest to go in the morning when they first open to avoid the crowds! 
The dialogues between the directors, actors and designers a must see as they really put the role of costume in context and gives you insight into the process of designing & creating the characters.

Highlights for me included:

- Sean Young's outfit from "Blade Runner"
- Scarlett O'Hare's Curtain dress from "Gone with the Wind
- Paisley sequined & beaded pants suit from Valley of the Dolls
- The Bridal costumes from breath taking "The Last Emperor" from 1987
- Robert De Niro's suit from "Casino", peach suit? Say no more!
- Tippi Hedren's suit from the "birds"  the interview with Edith Head is pretty amazing too
-  Liz Taylor's costumes from Cleopatra 
- Marilyn Monroe's infamous white dress from the "Seven Year Itch"
- Greta Garbo's tuxedo... Sigh!
 - It would be remiss of me not to mention Judy Garland's Dorothy outfit from "The Wizard of Oz" What was also striking was the size and scale of these outfits, you realise just how tiny some of these actors are!
- costumes by Eiko Ishioka, I'm utterly obsessed with her. They have costumes from "Bram Stoker's Dracula" in the show but she was one of those amazing multi-talent individuals who was an art director, costumer, graphic designer with an amazing vision , she passed away in early 2012. Known for designing, Grace Jones stage costumes for the Hurricane tour, for films like "The Fall", "The Cell", "The Immortals". I have a pinterest board  dedicated to her work, as I have been unable to get hold of the now out of print book!

Because of exhibition I am now obsessed with watching tonnes of films, I suppose it is a perfect activity for staying tucked under a blankie in my oneise!

Love Miss Foo XXX

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  1. Wow, Miss Foo, thanks for your amazing tribute to Eiko Ishioka. She was a true costume design genius, and should have won the oscar last year !!

    I am lucky enough to own two amazing costumes from `Mirror Mirror' - a complete Grubb dwarf costume and a complete nobleman's costume from the wedding final scene - he's the tall one in a long blue coat with ribbon decorations, orange ruff and yellow flowers in his hair who supports Snow White (on the left hand side) when she leans back during the song. Both are amazing, and true works of the costumer's art !!