Sunday, 28 July 2013


I love group shows especially when they are with a fun group of makers & artisans. Whenever I get an email from Gleaners Inc about taking part in a show I get really excited!

"Take Heart" at Gleaners Inc. show opens the 2nd of August & runs until the 31st of August
a show Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed festival. I took part last year here's the link to that particular blog post.

I've been a bit obsessed with Milagros, reliquaries, ex votos and scared hearts of late. I've been finding pinterest really good for collecting images for ideas my pinterest board for this project and getting the creative juices flowing. 

I think it is the shiny gilded gold foil & over the top decorations, I'm of the more is more school of thought an love the use of gold foiling & precious metals in  iconography - something which seems to re-occur despite the differences in religions and belief systems world-wide. About 10 years ago I went to an amazing gold & silver leaf themed exhibition at the Tokyo museum in Japan. To be honest I think I had a moment of Stendhal syndrome at this particular exhibition. I suppose it would pass for some sort of quasi-religious/transcendental/mythical experience depending on your faith. I've always had a penchant for the glittery & shiny must have been the sheer volume of beautiful, gilded, gorgeousness that got me! Seriously pop something shiny in front of me and I can be utterly distracted.

Here are a few images of my work for the show they are paper assemblages with a bit of a craft/sewing element with the steel pins & also a slightly creepy anatomical/ medical book element too. My thinking is that with a bit of metallic paint & ruffled pleated paper can make anything look pretty. They are shadow box framed and a homage to the sacre coeur images I love.
Pop along and have a look show, there's a few other shows & events as part of the festival so checkout the Craft Vic web page.

Gleaners Inc
2 Ballarat St
Brunswick 3056
Trading hours 
M-F 11-5
Sat 11-4 
Sun 12-4
Another festival that is coming up that I'm involved with is MSFW Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I'm taking part in an off-site event titled "beasts in the wardrobe", which is being hosted and held in collaboration with the amazing boutique Madame Virtue. 
That is due to start in late August so just stay tuned for the blog post!

  Love Miss FOO XXX


  1. Had a sneak peek yesterday when I dropped in my stuff to Liz. Your work is just amazing! Thanks for the link to pinterest too. I'm a follower...hope to meet you at the opening! Julianne

    1. Hi Julianne
      nice meeting you finally & fun having a chat about Mrs.Slocum's hair & high heels x